VisionTek Server Memory

About VisionTek Server Memory

VisionTek offers an ever increasing selection of server and specialty memory. Please contact our sales support team at: for more information.

Server Memory Types

Unbuffered DIMM:

UDIMM is an unbuffered, low density, low-latency DIMM that doesn't have a register or buffer chip on the memory module. UDIMMs are generally used in server applications requiring the lowest latency possible.

Registered DIMM:

RDIMM, is a registered DIMM that provides high signal integrity. The memory module performs parity checking to detect improper addresses or commands and featuring increased performance for heavy demanding workloads.

Load Reduced DIMM:

LRDIMM, features a memory buffer chip that allows for support of higher densities. This reduces the load on the server memory bus. LRDIMMs are useful for memory intense applications such as data centers and cloud computing.

Very-Low Profile DIMM:

VLP DIMMs, feature a lower height profile to fit in limited height blade servers.